We Love Oman: Barr Al Hikman's pure proximity to nature

Oman Monday 06/September/2021 21:22 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Barr Al Hikman's pure proximity to nature

No other word describes Barr Al Hikman better than ‘magical’. Crystal clear teal waters, white sandy beaches, and the unadulterated view of infinite beauty provide visitors with the feeling of secluded beauty and a pure proximity to nature, which is invigorating.

Barr Al Hikman is located in the centre of Oman’s east coast in Al Wusta Governorate (the central region), 500 kilometres south of Muscat. This island is considered one of the most important bird migration stations both in Oman and Southeast Asia. Many birds congregate here, especially water birds coming from as far as Siberia’s northern shores. Grey-brown sandpipers, Bar-tailed Godwit, Curlew, Oystercatchers, herons, egrets, the occasional Spoonbill and Flamingos are found here.

In addition to being a sanctuary for birds and fish of all kinds, the existence of coral reefs off its shores make it a favourite destination for divers.

According to a book published in 2018, 'Barr Al Hikman - Shorebird paradise in Oman',"In a region dominated by arid landscapes, Barr Al Hikman is a wetland pearl. An oasis for nature that is intricately connected to its history and dynamic natural processes. As well as the national and international significance of the area for birds, turtles, whales and fish, this wetland is of paramount importance for people. Its function as a fish nursery is vital to the region."