Put the power of STEM in your kids’ hands

Lifestyle Tuesday 19/October/2021 19:57 PM
By: Statepoint
Put the power of STEM in your kids’ hands

Studies show that kids who are exposed to STEM concepts from a young age are more likely to show interest in pursuing STEM careers. With over 50 per cent of the fastest-growing jobs related to STEM, it’s no wonder that competency in these areas is a strong indicator of future career success. But STEM education doesn’t just help students go directly into STEM careers. Its focus on creative problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation and teamwork helps students develop the skills needed to succeed in any field.

Here are some of the simplest ways to get kids excited about everyday scientific concepts, creativity and STEM:

• Encourage kids to actively participate in STEM-related activities at school and at home. Not sure where to turn? Students and families can check out the range of free content and downloadable lesson plans.

• Expose budding scientists to high-quality learning tools. The first and only “STEM Pen,” FriXion is the only writing instrument to be Authenticated by the experts at STEM.org. The unique, thermo-sensitive, erasable ink inside every FriXion pen makes it ideal for everything from taking lab notes and reviewing reference materials to demonstrating scientific principles and covalent bonding. These writing tools allow students of any age to draw, erase, highlight and revise easily and cleanly, so they can take on STEM tasks fearlessly.

• Keep content engaging for your child’s age group. Whether accessing lessons online or doing a science kit together, be sure you’ve selected resources and programming at the right level for your child.

• Seek out cool and exciting STEM opportunities. With the right tools and resources, you can bring kids into the world of STEM, and offer them the building blocks for innovation.