Vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

Business Monday 27/June/2022 06:33 AM
Vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

Dongguan [China]: The "charging wars" for smartphones are mostly waged on the wired front, where some companies have already passed the 100W threshold, allowing you to fully charge your phone from zero to one hundred per cent in about or even less than 20 minutes.

According to GSM Arena, one such device is the 50W wireless charging capable Vivo X80 Pro, which we just evaluated. The main drawback is that a specialised wireless charging stand is required. One such charger, the 50W Wireless Flash Charger from Vivo, was just delivered to our office, and we are now prepared to report on what it is capable of.

The Vivo X80 Pro has a dual-cell battery with two charge pumps, an industry-standard design found in today's majority of new flagship phones, to achieve lightning-fast charging times. The X80 Pro completed our in-house battery endurance test after only 79 hours with its 4,700mAh total capacity of battery cells.

An 80W FlashCharge adapter (20V/4A) and associated USB-C cable are included with each X80 Pro unit. In our test using a wired charger, we were able to get peak charging power of 65-66W at 17V and 4A, which resulted in a full charge time of 39 minutes, as reported by GSM Arena.

A complete charge should take 50 minutes, or just 11 minutes more than the 80W wired FlashCharge solution, according to Vivo, who says that the 50W Wireless Flash Charger can charge the X80 Pro to 50 per cent in 23 minutes. You shouldn't anticipate 50W electricity blasting the phone constantly since the company clearly states that the real charging power is "dynamically adjusted" and "subject to actual use."

Most gadgets that accept Qi wireless charging are capable of charging at speeds of up to 15W. To achieve the 50W wireless charging speeds, you'll need to utilise and a Vivo or iQOO charger that supports 66W (or higher) FlashCharge and a suitable USB cable.