Monday Column: When the stress level is high

Oman Monday 19/December/2022 20:36 PM
By: Saleh Al-Shaibany
Monday Column: When the stress level is high
Usually, bad feelings build up over a period of time and if not stopped then the nerves can explode without warning. Photo: Shutterstock

Different people have different ways to let out the steam. Some go to the gym and work out their frustrations while others deliberately pick a quarrel so they can start shouting. In my quest to find the best way to calm the jittering nerves, I met this man who does not involve anybody else.

When things get out of control, he walks out from his house and looks for an empty mosque. He finds the house of god peaceful, rejuvenating and uses the quiet time to renew his faith. I must agree it is the perfect place for people looking for a sanctuary. God does not discriminate and forgives many of our failings. I must add, hopefully without being cynical, his services are free. In comparison, gyms are expensive and if you are in the habit of taking out your anger on the nearest person then it can cost you dear.

There are other people who would sit quietly at home glaring at the television and ignore everybody. It is their way to tell the world that things are not going well in their lives. Sometimes, you can detect the symptoms that warn you to stay away.

However, when I saw my neighbour one evening furiously pacing up and down in front of his house, I knew right away that there was something wrong. Perhaps to test my ‘frustration syndrome’ theory, I walked out of my house and joined him. He said he needed a holiday because the heat was getting into him. He did not fool me. The ‘heat’ he was referring to was not a product of the weather.

I hanged around long enough to learn what was bothering him. He blamed the work pressure, annoying relatives and even his old car. As he was talking to me, I could hear the shrill sound of his mobile phone coming from his house.

“That is part of the problem. I am going somewhere where there are no telephones, televisions or even people around,” he said.

I fought the impulse to ask him if he was going away alone but I kept my mouth shut, said goodnight and walked back home. Thinking about it, there was a big contrast between him and the man who finds refuge in an empty mosque. I came to a conclusion that the best way to let out the steam is to come to terms with your shortcomings. Most of the time, you can solve the problem by accepting your limitations. There is no point thinking about a new car when you cannot afford it or for that matter, a promotion when your boss is against it. Usually, bad feelings build up over a period of time and if not stopped then the nerves can explode without warning.

We all go through bad patches but they cannot be contained by running away or put your problems under the cover. I always thought that you take your troubles with you when you travel. If you look deep enough, solutions are nearer and you may not even need to take one step outside your house. If it is never meant to be then it is probably not good for you.  Why give yourself a headache to try to get something that would take away a big part of your well being? Just fight the temptations and be happy with what you have.