Organisational psychology and its development

Opinion Tuesday 17/January/2023 20:30 PM
By: Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi
Organisational psychology and its development

Nowadays, the “Organisational Development” department or section is commonly seen in most organisations. What is the aim and practice of organisational development, and how can it add value to organisations, and in what ways? To further explore the word development, we might ask which areas of the organisations need to be developed?

It is important to ask, are organisations developing people or are people developing organisations? Of course, this can be one of the debatable questions and should be handled carefully. In how far should the Organisational Development Team (ODT) be responsible for both intangible and tangible parts of the organisation?

The psychology of an organisation is fundamental to its development from a practical standpoint. So, what is organisational Psychology? In the absence of understanding the organisational psychology, it might be intricate to develop the organisations.   

In most cases, we have seen that organisational performance has been below average last year due to various economic factors, which is one of the external factors. Can the Organisational Development Team figure out what is causing the company’s declining profitability?

It is my strong belief that the success of an organisation depends on the “Strong and competent employees”, and that it is always the employees who double a company’s profits by their consistent efforts, both physically, by sitting late, and mentally, by bringing new ideas and suggestions to the organisation.

Is there a way to have those strong and competent employees to serve the organisation in a good manner? Is not this a challenging question?  

Management always follows two methods, to increase the profitability of the organisation, in my opinion. The first way is to replace existing employees by recruiting new ones, and the second way is to develop existing employees. In your opinion, which is the most meaningful and rightful approach?

What should be the ODT’s starting point for developing the organisation? It is crucial for managers to understand the psyche of the employees they manage as without understanding the root cause of the employee’s poor performance, the employee may not be developed or kept in the right position.
It will take less effort for the ODT to develop the organisations, if they know that, the right person is at the right place at the right time.

Unless he or she is at the right place, the individual might not perform well and become a burden on the team. Therefore, the ODT has to work harder on training, coaching, and developing these types of employees.