Suhol Al Fayha bolsters distribution fleet with industry-leading Isuzu trucks from OTE Group

Roundup Tuesday 31/January/2023 10:08 AM
By: Times News Service
Suhol Al Fayha bolsters distribution fleet with industry-leading Isuzu trucks from OTE Group

Underscoring Isuzu’s enduring appeal as the commercial truck of choice of cargo transporters around the world, OTE Group – exclusive distributors of the famed brand in the Sultanate of Oman – celebrated recently the delivery of a fleet of Isuzu reefer trucks to a leading Omani distributor of fresh farm produce.

In all, nine trucks comprising a mix of Isuzu F and N Series vehicles were handed over at a ceremony held at the Hormuz Grand Hotel. Receiving the keys to the brand new fleet were high-level executives of Suhol Al Fayha, by far the biggest importer, distributor and grower of fruits and vegetables in Oman. Taking centre-stage at the event was the neatly arrayed line-up of Isuzu’s 3.5-ton capacity NPR 81H refrigerated trucks, as well as 13-ton capacity FVR-34 refrigerated trucks, emblazoned with Suhol Al Fayha’s new brand colours.

Representing Suhol Al Fayha at the handover event were Abdul Vahid, Managing Director, Abdul Jabbar, Chairman, and Executive Directors Jasim Jabbar, Mohammed Savad, Jahfar Jabbar, Jabas Jabbar and Mohammed Sajid. Present from OTE Group were Girish Vinayak Bhide, General Manager and Vikrant Handa, Senior Manager.

Acclaimed globally as dependable workhorses by cargo transporters, Isuzu’s N and F series trucks are indispensable to any business’s goal of ensuring the timely, reliable and efficient distribution of consumer products, particularly perishables. Agile, yet sturdy, they can be safely and effectively deployed for distribution services even in challenging climate conditions or in areas that lack paved roads.

Based on Isuzu’s award-winning technology, the Isuzu N and F series powertrains maximize performance with high torque output and fuel-efficient engines. The turbo-charger realizes high output from small displacement resulting in improved fuel economics and reduced emissions. A high tensile steel frame bolsters the overall durability of the chassis, while the suspension is designed to reduce vibration and increase driving comfort.

Also accentuating Isuzu’s universal appeal is the truck’s highly rigid cab design, reinforced cabin doors, multi-reflector halogen headlamps and anti-lock brake systems (ABS) among other active safety features.

Unmatched refrigeration quality is ensured by the installation of world-leading Carrier Oasis 350 cooling units for the FVR 34 and Carrier Oasis 250 for the NPR 81H. Designed for the high-ambient climatic conditions of Oman, the Carrier units together with the insulated reefer body of the trucks, maintain cooling at prescribed temperatures specific to the perishable goods in question, thereby ensuring the quality, shelf-life and integrity of the goods while on the road.

“We are delighted that Suhol Al Fayha has opted to reinforce its distribution fleet with the Isuzu N and F Series trucks – which are simply the best that the industry has to offer. They perform efficiently, reliably and cost-competitively – reasons that make Isuzu trucks the primary choice of transporters in Oman and around the region as well,” commented Mr. Girish Vinayak Bhide, General Manager – OTE Group.

The Isuzu truck brand is backed by OTE Group’s industry-leading and extensive sales and after-sales support infrastructure that covers the length and breadth of Oman For more details on Isuzu please call 800-50004.