On-the-job training scheme to create job opportunities for Omani youth

Oman Monday 06/March/2023 21:36 PM
By: Times News Service
On-the-job training scheme to create job opportunities for Omani youth

Muscat: The Ministry of Labour (MoL) has taken another step towards empowering Omani cadres through on-the-job training initiative. This initiative provides an on-the-job training programme in companies working in technical and administrative areas which target general university degree holders and below.    

The advantages of this initiative include a monthly stipend for the trainees according to their academic qualifications, registering in social insurance during the training period, gaining skills and experiences, and getting the job accordingly. Currently, the training programme ranges from three to six months in management or technical training areas. The MoL is conducting a study to extend the training period to 12 months with trainees being allowed to compete for other jobs outside of their training initiative.  

The working mechanism of this initiative begins after receiving a funding request from the employing companies. Once the request is received, it undergoes a through analysis and review before it is approved. After approval, a site visit to the employing company is scheduled. The private enterprises contracted by the Ministry of Labour post  job opportunities on their official websites or their social media accounts.   
“MoL has launched on-the-job training initiative to create job opportunities in the private sector for job seekers as it qualifies Omani cadre to fill the vacant posts in the private sector.

The minitsry’s role comes in supervision and follow-up the training programme regularly to ensure that it meets the institution’s and trainees’ required targets with the Ministry also contributing in providing the trainees’ monthly stipend,’ said Ammar Nasser Al Mahrezi, from the Training Support Centre in the Ministry of Labour.

“It is worth noting that the contract of on-the-job training should be registered by three parties, Ministry of Labour, the trainee, and the institution” Al Mahrezi further added.  

Saeed Hamid Al Rawahi, a beneficiary of the initiative with a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Engineering who works as an Operation Operator, described the programme as “a training opportunity to highlight the trainees’ skills and gain more experiences in the workplace that qualify them to have new experiences in the labour market.”