Bank Muscat organises annual Leadership Forum to realise its customer-centric vision and strategy

Roundup Monday 20/March/2023 11:40 AM
By: Times News Service
Bank Muscat organises annual Leadership Forum to realise its customer-centric vision and strategy

Muscat: In line with its commitment to strengthen communication channels with frontline employees, Bank Muscat, the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate, recently organised Leadership Forum 2023 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center, in the presence of Sheikh Waleed K. Al Hashar, Chief Executive Officer, Bank Muscat. The event was attended by members of the Executive Management as well as officials and branch managers from both Bank Muscat as well as Meethaq Islamic Banking. The annual event is held as part of the Bank’s strategy to ensure that its employees are closely attuned to and aligned with its overall strategy. The forum also helped discuss in detail, various aspects of the Bank’s plans to further develop banking services in Oman, new financial trends, how to face challenges in the sector and the best way to achieve future goals and targets.

The annual gathering brought together employees under one roof so as to enable face-to-face exchange of ideas about various banking and finance-related matters. The event provided an opportunity to highlight important developments affecting the Bank and ensure its continued market leadership and stress on the importance of continued alignment to the Bank’s customer-centric vision of “Serving you better everyday”, which encourages innovation and continuous improvement of services in response to customer feedback and needs.

During the event, important details of the Bank’s strategy and future plans were discussed as the bank builds further on four decades of success and major achievements to move to the next stage of its evolution. It also underlined the importance of providing an integrated banking experience to enable customers to enjoy ease of banking and save time. A large part of the Bank’s future plans are based on rapid digital transformation, which will enable it to provide innovative products and services. Employees were encouraged to make the best use of the new capabilities and continue to maintain an outstanding performance for the benefit of all customers and partners.

At the end of the leadership forum, employees expressed their appreciation to customers for their continued confidence and trust in the services and products that the Bank constantly launches as part of its efforts to meet their diverse needs. Customers are central to all the work performed by bank employees and they are indeed the bank’s partners in success. The 2023 Leadership Forum also included a number of presentations and a folk performing arts show that was staged by Bank Muscat employees.            

Bank Muscat’s annual Leadership Forum ensures that frontline employees are closely aligned to its customer-centric vision and the overall strategy of continuous improvement. As the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate of Oman for over four decades, Bank Muscat has assets over RO 13 billion and the largest branch network in Oman serving over 2 million customers through 174 branches and more than 800 e-channel devices including Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs). The Bank has been focusing intensely on digital transformation over the past few years as it seeks to continue launching innovative products, services and solutions in line with global financial trends and customer aspirations. Digital transformation, which is a cornerstone of the Bank’s strategy, was a major topic of discussion at the Leadership Forum because of its importance in the achievement of the Bank’s future goals.