Significance of eating dates during Ramadan

Ramadan Tuesday 28/March/2023 20:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Significance of eating dates during Ramadan

Muslims around the world follow a tradition of breaking their fast with dates. Eating a handful of sweet and succulent dates is synonymous with Oman's culture and heritage. Though it is grown in almost most parts of Oman, Nizwa and Suwaiq are the main centres of date farming. Other notable places from where dates are brought are Sumail, Bidbid, Dima wa’ Tayeen, Ibra, Samad A’Shan, and Al Rowdha. Known for their  nutritional value and health benefits, it has a special significance during the fasting month for being rich in fibre, iron, calcium, and lots of other vitamins and minerals.
There are many ways to add dates in your Iftar menu. From cakes and salads to puddings and stews dates can be a healthy alternative to sugar. Make date syrup by soaking a cup of pitted dates in half a cup of water for a few hours. Then blend till you get a smooth texture and add to any smoothie. You can also chop a handful of dates and add to your cakes. Dates can be added to stews and curries as well. If you add a few shreds of pitted dates it enhances the flavour of the dish.

Prep in advance

Do the chopping and cutting of onions, carrots and other vegetables to be used for curries and stews beforehand. Once you do this ahead of time, you can finish cooking not only on time but can do it more meticulously. The best time to prep for iftar is after Suhoor but that's not mandatory. Figure out what time is most convenient for you.

Fasting tips

If you are a diabetic it is essential to have a proper diet chart to minimise any risk of blood-sugar fluctuations. Also consult your doctor if there is a need to change the timings of medicine, as meal timings will become different.

Words of Wisdom

“He created the heavens and earth in truth and formed you and perfected your forms; and to Him is the [final] destination” [Quran 64:3]

By reminding us all that the final destination for everyone on earth is back to Allah, the Quran emphasizes that our entire being and meaning of life revolves around this very fact: Allah has perfected us in our own unique form, and we will ultimately be returned to our Creator. By remembering that our final goal and destination should be about the return to Allah, this verse of the Quran serves as a timely source of inspiration whenever you feel lost in life.