Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises to 143, aftershocks felt

World Saturday 04/November/2023 17:48 PM
Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises to 143, aftershocks felt

Kathmandu: Nepal is reeling from the disastrous aftermath of a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that has now claimed the lives of 143 people, according to the Nepal police. The impact of this catastrophe has left a trail of destruction, leaving countless individuals injured and communities in turmoil.

Nepal experienced additional aftershocks, with a magnitude of 3.3, on Saturday afternoon. This has only exacerbated the challenges faced by the affected population, further testing the resilience of the region.

The Nepal Police reported the details of the devastation caused by the earthquake passing through Rami Danda in Jajarkot. "Dated 2080.07.17 at 23:47 hours, details of the damage caused by the earthquake passing through Rami Danda in Jajarkot," posted Nepal Police on X.

The Nepal Home Ministry's spokesman, Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, said that a meeting was convened in Kathmandu by the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister to address the crisis. "Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister held a meeting in Kathmandu over the earthquake that hit the country. A few decisions were taken in the meeting. Decisions were also made to resume the electricity supply and communication system. Nepal Telecom has been ordered to make its services free for the coming 5 days in the affected areas," he said.

Efforts are underway to provide medical assistance to those injured in the earthquake. Security personnel have been actively involved in transporting the injured to the TV Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.
"Those injured in the earthquake that passed through Jajarkot have been brought to Kathmandu for further treatment. Security personnel helping to take the injured to the TV Teaching Hospital," Nepal Police's post added.

India, Nepal's neighbour, has extended its support during this trying time. Following the initial earthquake, India released an emergency contact number for Indians in Nepal who require urgent assistance.
"Alert Emergency Contact Number for Indians requiring assistance due to the recent earthquake in Nepal: +977-9851316807 MEA India," India in Nepal posted on X.

OP Mishra, the Director of the National Center for Seismology (NCS), emphasised the critical role that building structures played in the severity of the earthquake's impact.

"The intensity in Nepal was very strong, but when it came to Delhi it was reduced. Intensity is the degree of sitting, but magnitude 6.4 is the content of energy. Earthquake does not kill people it is the structure that kills people," Mishra told ANI.

Nepal's Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', arrived in Jajarkot today to assess the situation and extend his support to those affected. Government officials have been directed to deploy ambulances near the helipad of Nepalgunj Airport and military barracks to ensure swift medical assistance to those in need.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of lives and extensive damage caused by the earthquake in Nepal. PM Modi offered support to Nepal and expressed India's willingness to extend all possible assistance.

The earthquake's impact has not been confined to Nepal alone. Tremors were felt in several districts of North India, including Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.