Cricket Spectacle in Dubai: Anis Sajan hosts ICC World Cup 2023 final screening at home

Roundup Tuesday 21/November/2023 16:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Cricket Spectacle in Dubai:  Anis Sajan hosts ICC World Cup 2023 final screening at home

Dubai: In a spectacular display of sportsmanship and camaraderie,  Anis Sajan, the esteemed vice-chairman of the Danube Group and fondly known as Mr. Cricket UAE, hosted an unforgettable screening of the ICC World Cup 2023 Final between India and Australia at his opulent residence.

The much-anticipated clash, held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, resonated with cricket enthusiasts across the globe, but Sajan aimed to bring that stadium magic to the heart of Dubai.

Reflecting on his experiences of attending matches worldwide, Sajan shared, "There's an undeniable charm in a live stadium atmosphere. I wanted to recreate that magic right here in my home. With my dedicated team's support, I believe we achieved just that." As the vice-chairman of the Danube Group,  Sajan consistently infuses his passion for cricket into every venture.

The atmosphere at the screening was nothing short of electric, with the majority of the crowd passionately supporting India, the team to beat in the tournament. The Narendra Modi Stadium may have been 2,000 km away, but the fervor felt intimately in Dubai brought families, friends, and influencers together for an unforgettable evening.

Notably, the screening saw a blend of excitement and tension as India, overwhelming favorites with a stellar tournament performance, faced off against Australia. The presence of popular UAE RJ Kris Fade, a staunch supporter of Australia, added an extra layer of enthusiasm.

Commenting on the nail-biting match, Mr. Sajan shared his thoughts on India's outstanding journey, stating, "If the wicket was better in Sunday's final, I think the result could have been different. But this Indian team were simply outstanding throughout the tournament and need to keep their chin up. Yes, they faltered at the last hurdle but that's the beauty of this wonderful game."

The event, complete with a DJ and dhol wala, encapsulated the spirit of cricket, turning Mr. Sajan's residence into a mini-stadium where the love for the game transcended boundaries. The magic of the ICC World Cup Final found a new home in Dubai, thanks to Mr. Anis Sajan's vision and the collective enthusiasm of friends, family, and influencers.