Thank you, Bella for showing Israel the real face of ISIS

Opinion Wednesday 29/November/2023 20:47 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
Thank you, Bella for showing Israel the real face of ISIS

A heartwarming scene unfolded in front of the world when they saw a cute Shih Tzu dog, a family pet, released with her teenage girl-owner, by Hamas on Tuesday in the latest swap of prisoner exchange with Israel.

TV footage witnessed around the world showed the release of hostages, 59-year-old Gabriela Leimberg, her 17-year-old daughter Mia Leimberg and their family dog Bella. They and eight other Israeli hostages, as well as two foreign national hostages, were released in an agreed prisoner exchange with Israel five days into a temporary cease-fire.

The footage of Mia walking next to Hamas freedom fighters while carrying Bella in her arms, before she climbed into a Red Cross vehicle.

The act of releasing the dog and the hostages indicate a sense of compassion for Hamas. Despite the bitter rivalry and war between Hamas and Israel, the gesture by Hamas in safely returning a family pet shows moments of empathy and their humane attitude.

The release of a family pet erases misconception about Arabs or Muslims not liking dogs. The incident also showcases that concern for animals can transcend cultural boundaries even in dire situations.

The hostages along with the dog were held captive since October 7 and watching Bella in good health being released underlined the compassion and care of Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades. This was despite the massive attacks and bombardment from Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in Gaza.

The female dog may have been petrified with the constant attacks and may have displayed her anger by constantly barking but Hamas displayed a lot of patience to take care of her and hand her in good health.

Not only did Hamas feed her and take care, it was a slap on the western media who call Hamas a brutal group. It is not Hamas, but Israel who are the real terrorists, occupying the Palestinian territories. Hamas is fighting freedom from the occupying Zionist regime.

The live footage of the release also trashes the claim that such stories are fabricated, unlike Israel, which uses fake narratives more than often to press forward their propaganda.

To take care of a pet dog and ensure its well-being is a testimony of the patience and good nature of the Hamas group that the world needs to know.

Since the conflict started on October 7, the Israeli government has accused Hamas of spreading terror and has falsely blamed it for atrocities on women and killing.

The Israeli government’s narrative was clear – create an impression that Hamas is a terrorist organisation similar to ISIS and the world needs to join hands to eliminate them.

The narrative has been blown away by Hamas’ gesture in extending the truce deal and releasing the hostages in good health.

On the contrary, the Israeli government has put a gag order on the released hostages to speak as they fear the benevolence of Hamas will be highlighted along with their just struggle for freedom.

And the latest release of Bella made sure the world knows the truth.

Thank you Bella, for showing Hamas’ in true light of being a humane and compassionate group, and also revealing Israel’s true face of being ISIS-like terrorists.