Around 100,000 citizens register for jobs in Oman

Oman Monday 12/February/2024 13:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Around 100,000 citizens register for jobs in Oman

Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman has registered about 100,000 job seekers, a percentage of 3.3, according to the latest statistics, said the Minister of Labour.

The “Together We Progress” Forum, in its second edition, continues its work for the second day in a row. Today, the forum includes three dialogue sessions on work, employment, economy, investment, culture, sports, youth, media, and national identity.

His Excellency Dr. Mahad bin Said Baawin, Minister of Labour indicated during the “Together We Progress” forum that the percentage of job seekers in the latest statistics amounted to 3.3 percent , with about 100,000 job seekers, of whom 80,000 had never worked, and 20,000 had previously worked, of whom 48 percent Of males and 52 percent of females.