Muscat expressway to have 12 lanes, set to become Oman’s widest road

Oman Wednesday 20/March/2024 19:34 PM
By: Times News Service/With ONA inputs
Muscat expressway to have 12 lanes, set to become Oman’s widest road

Muscat: The Chairman of Muscat Municipality, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Humaidi, has termed the expansion of Muscat Expressway project “a significant milestone” after a tender was floated for the said project on Wednesday.

The ambitious project is expected to enhance the capital's primary traffic artery and holds the promise of fostering smoother traffic flow for both individuals and goods transport.

Al Humaidi said: “The Muscat Expressway expansion project signifies a pivotal advancement in bolstering connectivity across the capital's regions. It aims to amplify the capacity to accommodate the burgeoning demands of the transportation sector, aligning closely with the nation's trajectory of urban and economic development.”

Expressing confidence in the project's significance, he highlighted its pivotal role in realising the objectives outlined in Oman Vision 2040.

By furnishing the requisite infrastructure for a developmental endeavour, the vital project is poised to propel the nation towards its future aspirations.

The expansion encompasses the addition of three lanes in each direction, effectively widening the road to accommodate twelve lanes, thereby making it the Sultanate's widest road.

Additionally, the project entails enhancing the efficiency of several multi-level intersections, augmenting acceleration and deceleration lanes linked with the expressway, expanding existing bridges, and implementing essential drainage channels and slope protections.

Furthermore, it includes crucial aspects such as floor paving, service diversion works, installation of concrete barriers, and the adoption of an environmentally friendly LED lighting system to replace the current lighting infrastructure.

The inauguration of the Muscat Expressway during the country's 40th National Day celebrations in 2010 marked a pivotal milestone. Serving as a catalyst for connectivity between residential and commercial hubs within the capital, it significantly mitigated traffic congestion along Sultan Qaboos Street.