Documentary 'House of Wonders' screened in governorates across Oman

Oman Wednesday 24/April/2024 18:04 PM
Documentary 'House of Wonders' screened in governorates across Oman

Muscat: The documentary titled “House of Wonders”, which embodies the Omani presence in Zanzibar and East Africa, was screened in cinema halls in the governorates of Muscat, Dhofar and A’Dakhiliyah. Screening the documentary targets school students from grades 10-12.

The documentary aims at informing school students about the important aspects of Omani history and the cultural roles of the Omanis in East Africa.

The documentary, produced by the Ministry of Information, represented by Nizwa Magazine, focuses on the cultural contribution of Omanis to the political, commercial, social and cultural fields in East Africa. It is an essential feature of 3 films, each part lasting 50 minutes, in three languages: Arabic, English and Swahili.

Further, the documentary presents a group of stories of a human nature glorifying the Omani values that have been passed down through generations. Additionally, the documentary consolidates the role of these values in building the modern Omani identity, with an emphasis on the importance of passing down these stories to generations through visual media that are compatible with the spirit of the age utilizing technological and cultural transformations in production methods.

Each part of these films presents a main character within related political, social, and cultural events. The films were shot in various locations around the world, including Zanzibar, African and Asian countries, and locations in Europe, America, and the Sultanate of Oman.