Military Discipline Programme to harness youth skill

Oman Sunday 07/July/2024 17:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Military Discipline Programme to harness youth skill

Salalah: Students participating in the Military Discipline Programme in Dhofar Governorate conducted a number of practical applications as directed by the Royal Army of Oman.

They also attended the awareness lectures included in the programme.

The students showed interest, seriousness and a genuine desire to develop their individual and collective skills and invest their talents in a way that contributes to enhancing their discipline and national values.

A training officer in the programme, said, “The military discipline programme aims to develop, grow and invest the energies of Omani youth, consolidate national identity, and support the sense of belonging and opportunities for innovation and effective development. The Royal Army of Oman is responsible for the military training programme.

“It also aims to develop the spirit of belonging and loyalty, refine personality, enhance self-confidence, develop religious and behavioural values, and understand the requirements of military discipline and connection and benefit from the scheduled programme sessions.”