Compassion and care for elderly get a priority in Oman

Oman Monday 08/July/2024 18:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Compassion and care for elderly get a priority in Oman

MUSCAT: In a pivotal step forward in enhancing the welfare and dignity of elderly citizens in Oman, a new ministerial decision has been made to ensure they receive the care and respect they deserve within a supportive family environment.

The Ministry of Social Development on Monday announced the implementation of ‘Regulations for the Care of the Elderly in Alternative Families’, providing comprehensive guidelines and criteria for the care of elderly individuals by alternative families.

 The new regulations define an ‘elderly’ person as anyone aged 60 or above and describe an ‘alternative family’ as a family that voluntarily assumes the responsibility of caring for an elderly person who cannot receive adequate care from their own family.

 According to the decision, the elderly person must be of Omani nationality and either lack family support or have a family unable to provide proper care. This determination is made through a thorough social investigation conducted by the relevant department. Additionally, the elderly individual must be free from infectious diseases, certified by a medical institution.

 The regulations require that at least one member of the alternative family must be an Omani national. The family must demonstrate social stability and the capability to meet the elderly person’s needs, based on an assessment by the relevant department. Furthermore, all family members must be free from infectious diseases and behavioural disorders, and the family must have a stable income sufficient to support its needs.

The residence must be suitable for elderly care, although exceptions can be made for individuals meeting the necessary conditions.

The relevant department is tasked with reviewing care requests and making decisions within 30 days of receiving the complete documentation. If a request is rejected, applicants can appeal the decision within 60 days.

The alternative family is obligated to provide a safe and stable environment, ensure the elderly person is not subjected to abuse or neglect, and fulfil all basic needs, including food, clothing, and healthcare. >A2