News rewind: Top five stories that shaped the week

Energy Friday 08/January/2016 19:32 PM
By: Times News Service
News rewind: Top five stories that shaped the week

1) The biggest story by far last week was our exclusive Expats sending families home as money fears grow in Oman. After the goverment revealed its austerity-driven state budget our reporters began analysing the possible effects in 2016. One angle was its impact on the housing market, but even we were surprised when a number of expats told us they either sending their families homes, or were halting plans to bring loved ones to Oman.

2) Keep calm and carry on . . . but save, save, save proved to be the next most read story of the week. After hearing some of the drastic measures being considered by some expats, our team pulled together our 2016 survival guide for those already close to bread line in Oman.

3) Our examination of how austerity would affect the average household was almost as popular with 2016 to be year of austerity for many in Oman taking the number three slot.

4) Slightly stepping away from the budget, but not far, our number four story was Municipal Council member resigns in protest against Muscat Festival. Al Shaima Al Raisi, a member of Muscat Municipal Council, took to twitter to announce her departure, because she felt in 2016 the money could be spent on better things.

5) Our team worked late into the night (well 2.30am) to translate the first details of the 2016 state budget which were released in Arabic on the state newswire ONA for our story Oman's state budget focuses on austerity, non-oil income.