Annual laughter festival held at Indian Embassy

Energy Tuesday 12/January/2016 19:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Annual laughter festival held at Indian Embassy

Muscat: The World Laughter Day is celebrated on May 1 every year. However, Oman celebrated its Laughter evening called "Hasya Mev Jayate" or Hasya Kavi Sammelan (humorous poetry forum) recently in the magnificent lawns of Indian Embassy.
Traditionally, such forums have remained very popular and sought after entertainment programmes.
Renowned poets and literary experts use their creative thinking and reel out poems and anecdotes, based on current events that affect society and its people. The art of taking lessons out current events or social causes in a very humorous and satirical manner is an art that is fast vanishing and poets are keeping this wonderful art alive.
The Hindi wing of the Indian Social Club organised the mega and eagerly awaited event for the 24th consecutive year for the lovers of humorous poetry in Oman, which saw a group of six famous poets and an upcoming poetess perform at the event.
The group was led by well known poet Dinesh Raghuvanshi, who has a daily poem published in a popular national daily in India. The setting was absolutely stunning as a brightly lit stage and a colourful backdrop attracted the audience’s attention as soon as they entered the green, well laid out huge lawn of the Indian Embassy.
The convenor of the Hindi Wing Gajesh Dhariwal welcomed the dignitaries, sponsors and audience. C.M. Sardar introduced the poets in his usual funny and interesting manner. He has taken upon himself to organise this event successfully year after year for the last 24 years.
Chairman of the Indian Social Club, Dr. Satish Nambiar, spoke in English for a change. When the audience urged him to speak in Hindi, he promised to do so next time. Indra Mani Pandey, the India’s Ambassador to Oman, also addressed the gathering and the sponsors were thanked by Rajesh Daga.
Once the programme kicked off, there wasn’t a moment of monotony or dullness. Smiling faces, full throated laughter, an audience seen clapping with hands raised is appreciation and salute was frequent and frantic. Even the photographers at the event were seen bending forward, holding their belly and laughing out loudly in the midst of clicking photographs.
Dinesh Bawra filled the opening slot and set the tone for the evening. The sonorous voice of the beautiful and charming poetess Padmini Sharma touched the audience’s hearts. Rajendra Malviya and Anil Agravanshi were also very impressive despite being first timers.
Another first timer, Sudeep Bhola stole the show with his remarkable satire of politics and current events. Even his exquisitely timed pauses and gestures created roars of laughter.
Finally it was time for stalwarts and experienced poets, such as Arun Gemini and Dinesh Raghuvanshi. The whole programme went on for nearly four hours, with the audience remaining glued to their seats until the end.
Minara Sunflower oil was the presenter of “Hasya Mev Jayate”. The gold sponsors were Bahwan Engineering Co., Poly Products, Al Rawahi International, Gulf Petrochemical, Hasan Juma Backer. The silver sponsors were Unique Contracting, Intesar Corporation, Ramniklal Kothari, Shah Nagardas, Imtac, Al Ansari, Bank of Baroda, Lakhoos, Oasis Water, Khimji Ramdas, Air India, NPA and Ruwi Modern Printers.
The Hindi wing thanked the sponsors, embassy staff, volunteers and members for making the event a grand success.